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This site is about  preserving the history of the breweries in Toledo,Ohio. Toledo had some fourteen plus breweries from the 1800’s till the closing of the last brewery.... Buckeye in 1972. We need your help to make this site and the upcoming book a place where the memories can be preserved.
Any old photo,stories,newspaper clipping or just some memories of the old breweries....let me know and we can put them on this site and the upcoming book. credit for the finds and info will be given to you.


Horse drawn wagon (front center) delivering kegs of beer from one of the early breweries in Toledo  ca. 1900’s.


 Pictured above is an early prepro letterhead from the Buckeye Brewery Co.



Early 1900 tin sign from Huebner Brewery.


This label is from the Lubeck Brewery.

Stop back often, this site will update on a regular basis.


Another label from Lubeck Brewery.


An early Buckeye Beer label used during prohibition.


Here is an early irtp label from koerber's brewery. It was located on oak street in Toledo, Ohio.


Toledo Breweries


Bavarian Brewing Co.

Buckeye brewing Co.

City Brewing Co.

Eagle Brewing Co.

Finlay Brewing Co.

Grasser & Brand Brewing

Huebner Brewing Co.

Home Brewing Co.

Hoppe & Strub Brewing Co.

Koerber Brewing Co.

Lubeck Brewing Co.

Tivoli Brewing Co.

Toledo Brewing & Malting

Woolner Brewing Co.

 This site is all about the breweries in Toledo, Ohio's past. from the 1800's till the closing of the last brewery in Toledo....Buckeye in 1972.

Please let me know what you think of this site! We are in the process of puting together a hardcover book about all the past breweries in toledo,ohio. If you have any information....stories....or photo, let me know.

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