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440th signal battalion company D

Letters from veterns of the 440th Signal Battalion Co.D


I too am a veteran of the 440th

I came in March 1966 and left in June 1968.

My name it Stan Slachetka, I was a Spec 5 in the Electronic Section of Company D.

I really enjoyed myself, all things considered, while I was in Germany especially when you consider where we could have been.

I have, over the course of time, heard from a few of the GI's we were stationed with, but I sure would like to hear from more. I was friends with many from the different companies of the 440th.

To send out a few names:

Spec 4 Donald Otis Hill from Georgia

Spec 5 Arnie Blank of West Allis Wisconsin

Spec 5 Robert Meville of Maine

SGT Raymond Balcome of California

SSGT Reggie Peoples or Peeples


Merry Christmas