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440th signal battalion company D

Kaiserslautern Germany

Let me start out by introducing name is Dale Drouillard and I was station in Kaiserslautern Germany during the period of 1965-1968. I was at Kleber Kaserne with the 440th signal battalion company D....
My intent of this site is to relocate as many of my friends that were station with company "D"  440th Signal Battalion during the 1965-68 time period, a kind of reunion if you will. So if you fall into this catagory, please email with address, phone number, email address and any info that you think will make this a better site, so we can put it on the mailbag page ....
Also I will have photo pages, that maybe will bring back some old memories, you might just see your picture here. And if you have any photos send them to me, so we can put them on this site....




Be sure to get in touch so I know you're out there!