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1896 to 1923

Huebner Brewery was located at Hamilton and Divison Street in Toledo,Ohio. At one time it was the largest brewery in Toledo. This was in the early 1900, but after prohibition it never reopened. The building is still standing and you can still see some of the faded lettering of"Huebner Brewery" on the back of the building.
Shortly after the turn of the century four breweries in Toledo including Grasser and Brand formed a brewery conglomerate thus the name Huebner-Toledo Breweries Company.

Huebners Brewery Tid-Bits
It was said that each Saturday down Hamilton St starting at Brown Ave. there was a steady parade of men, woman and children pulling little wagons, the paraders going to the old Huebner Brewery for malt to feed  their ducks and geese.
In 1938 a 2- alarm fire did $20,000 damage to the old Huebner-Toledo Brewing Co.building at 355-361 Hamilton Street, this was well after the brewery had ceased operations.

As said before the Giant Huebner-Toledo Brewery once was Toledo’s largest brewery. A part of the building dates back to post-Civil War days and was first used by Peter Lenk and later by the Toledo Brewing and Malting Co.


After the Finlay Brewing Co. on Summit St. closed down Huebner-Toledo used the building for its bottled beer operation.


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Thanks go out to Holly and Brad Huebner for their contribution of some of the photo on this page.


Here is a 1908 picture of a German beer garden at the entrance to the Casino in Toledo,Ohio.
     Notice the Huebner Beer sign on the roof.


See how well Huebner Beer advertised in the early 1900 with the two signs at the intersection of St. Clair and Summit Streets.



Early picture of a Huebner Beer sign on a Toledo street.


The front and the back side of an early opener.


Inside the Huebner Brewery.



A sign from the early 1900's.


Photo courtesy Holly Huebner
A prepro label bottle from the early 1900's.


Photo courtesy Brad Huebner
An early prepro picture from Huebner Brewery.



A puzzle game from 1912.


Photo courtesy Holly Huebner
An early 1900 picture of Huebner Brewery.
By the way Holly is the great gran daughter of John Huebner of the Huebner Brewery Co.


Photo courtesy Holly Huebner

A Vintage beer tray from the early 1900's,also notice the chair that it is sitting on. A rare piece from Huebner Brewery co..... the lettering on the back stand for "Huebner Toledo Brewery Co"


Cookbook given out by Huebner's Beer.

If you have any memorabilia, stories, or memories from Huebner Brewery let me know so we can put them on this site and the upcoming book about Breweries in Toledo past.Credit will be given to you for the find.